Tuesday, June 23, 2009


my roommate is an animal lover, through and through. i didn't grow up around animals, the token dog i had was a german shepard in africa and she was a guard dog, pretty to look at but not so much to play with. i'm actually quite scared of animals, big or small, cuddly or not. i am drawn to PBS and Discovery channels for their nature documentaries. does that count?

recently, we went to the Baltimore Zoo. she needed her animal fix. since moving in with me 8 weeks ago and realizing that the only pet i have is a cactus plant that i ignore, she's been without. poor dear.

fawn collage

they're not deer. they're something that starts with an "S" and originate from africa. i kept yelling out "Bambi!" tho.

baltimore zoo 2

this was also part of the "africa trail". now that i think about it, the Baltimore Zoo has a very good african section.


giraffe 2

oh, how i love giraffes. the smallest one kept following the biggest one around. it was adorable. i think i stood there for a good 10 minutes, just gawking at them.


and then the biggest of them all: the elephants. this one was alone, seperate from the other two females. i don't know why. my only criticism of this zoo is that the placards didn't provide much information about the animals beyond what the species were. i wanted to know the names, how they came to the zoo, what their habits were etc. *that* interests me. the Zoo in DC is a bit better, with even more animals. this time around, the polar bears were resting in the shade, the lions weren't doing much and i couldn't find one of the cheetahs.