Tuesday, October 28, 2008



  • softened the edges
  • made it dual toned - dark blue and white
  • sharpened a smidge to bring out the texture of jeans and scalloped hem
  • cropped it closer

    what's your play?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

what's your play? -#16


this week's What's your Play? picture comes from Laura. It's from the botanical gardens in Montreal.

initially i was going to see if i could highlight more of the greenery and not so much the scary looking skull thing in the middle. that wasn't possible since it is th focal point of the pic. i softened the edges a bit and accidentally clicked on the invert colors button and got this. i dug it so i kept it

have a good week.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


i was so in love with this week's What's Your Play picture, i played with it twice. i couldn't decide what tone to go for.


i went dark here. i wanted the leaf to stand out. brought the exposure down, added a boost of color and a frame ...


i went romantic here, softening the edges, blurring everything except for the leaf.

anyway, please don't forget to do something about your boobies, whether it be participate in a walk, another walk, the bake off or feeling yourself up for any potential bumps.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008



my cousin patrick submitted this week's what's your play? i think he went to some wedding up north but you'da thunk it was in ireland for the green grass and rainbow. at least that's what i thought. anyway, i personally think the picture is perfect as is and so playing with it was kinda hard. i rotated it just a smidge, added some color tint to give it a bit more of an Autumn feel to it. i also cropped it to bring the cows in closer.

this cooler weather is not inspiring me. i know the Fall Season is one that brings in crisper air, pretty Reds and Oranges and all that stuff. it doesn't inspire me. it just makes me want to put on socks, hide under my covers and wait til Spring. that doesn't make for much inclination to snap pictures. i'll be back eventually. next week maybe. see you then. but you can catch me on my main blog, Angry Asian Creations.