Friday, July 18, 2008

edit: January 2009
at least 1 shot between the hours of 7am - 10am. that's all. and as little edit as possible.

i'm just someone who likes to play around on my camera, figuring out the different buttons and trying to snap a pretty picture. i don't know the first thing about composition, lens, different brands and quite frankly, all the information out there is overwhelming and gives me a headache. i've learned a lot about photography from foodgawker, tastespotting, use real butter, and sunday night dinner. as you can see, they're all about food. that's how it all started. technically, it started when my awesome, doting and very patient boyfriend bought me a digital camera for my 30th but when i realized there was a blog world of masterful chefs and photographers out there, i had to be a part of it... even if it was just as a role of a newbie/wannabe/what are you doing with a camera-er?

i read up on their techniques, and then i play. a lot. i do my post editing on picnik. recently, i read David Lebowitz's post on how he goes about taking pix of his fabulous food creations. it was very insightful, and also listed a few other food bloggers with exceptional photography skills. i think this new hobby will be something i'm constantly learning about, and i hope to learn to take pictures of things other than food. perhaps merging on over to people/potraits. who knows what will tickle my fancy? this blog will hopefully chronicle what i see and how i choose to show my perspective.

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