Thursday, May 14, 2009

bird and nest

out on my fire escape my roommate spotted a mama bird who created a nest out of an old flower pot.

she's guarding two eggs.

so my roommate and i will guard over her until her babies hatch.

we've named her Guadalupe.

we're going to be aunts and we love them already!

Happy Love Thursday!


Cam@Journey Wildly said...

We discovered a nest on our front porch last year, and watched, and took pictures, and waited, and waited...

One day, there were four little birdies! We fretted & worried that they might fall from the nest, so we strung up netting about two feet below the nest.

Thankfully, all made it out of the nest. We breathed a sigh of relief! Until a month later...when we discovered three more little eggs.

Congratulations on your new roomie!

Happy Love Thursday!

elk said...

oh what happy bird family is coming ~such fun to follow on this Love Thursday!

Angry Asian said...

Cam -
there was a storm over the weekend and we seriously contemplated standing outside with an umbrella to shield the nest! we also notice a large black bird hanging out the other day, we had to shoo it away. we check on them every morning and night. She never leaves them!

Elk, i know right! thanks so much for visiting.